McCain camp targets battleground states

On Wednesday, the presumptive Republican nominee's campaign will begin running a new ad about his views on the economy in two pivotal states.

By Alex Koppelman
May 27, 2008 11:43PM (UTC)
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For the most part, other than some attempts made by Barack Obama's campaign to shift the narrative, most of the political world is still focused on the Democratic race, not the general election. Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain is taking advantage of the vacuum and bringing his message to some of the states that will most likely prove pivotal in November.

The McCain campaign has just released an ad that will start running on Wednesday in Michigan and Pennsylvania, both of which are key to the Democratic Party's hopes for victory. (The Republicans can afford to lose those states, though a win in either one would be a very big deal.) Entitled "Accountable," it focuses on McCain's vision for the U.S. economy if he's elected. (It can be viewed below.)


The ad is similar to the message McCain delivered earlier this month when he laid out his vision for what the country and the world would look like at the end of his first term. It features a lot of lofty promises -- "John McCain will make taxes simpler, fairer; Energy cleaner, cheaper; Health care portable and affordable" -- but offers no details on how all this will be accomplished.

One funny note about the ad -- as one of Ben Smith's readers pointed out, a woman featured in the spot is wearing an Obama shirt.

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