Clinton, Obama release South Dakota ads

With the final Democratic primaries just a week away, both campaigns go on the air in the contested state.

By Alex Koppelman
May 27, 2008 8:53PM (UTC)
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On Tuesday, both Democratic presidential campaigns released ads targeting South Dakota, one of the states that will vote on the day of the race's final primaries next week.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is going up with two spots at the moment. One is a 30-second ad for TV; the other, for radio, clocks in at a full minute. The TV spot, "Responsibility," has a fairly straightforward message about Clinton bringing fiscal responsibility to Washington if she's elected. (It can be viewed below.) The radio ad, "Matters," is about the campaign itself. In that spot, an announcer says, "In Washington, some people say the presidential primary in South Dakota doesn't much matter. That your voice doesn't really count. But you know what? Tuesday, we can show 'em ... Just because South Dakota comes last in the primaries doesn't mean we shouldn't be heard loud and clear. And we can pick the candidate who'll stand up for us."


Barack Obama's campaign, meanwhile, debuted one TV spot, which features former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle. Once the Senate majority leader, Daschle has been something of a mentor to Obama. In the ad, which can also be seen below, Daschle says of Obama, "He's rooted in the same values as most South Dakotans, he has an understanding of America, rural and urban alike. He will talk to us straight -- we've needed that in this country for a long time."

The Clinton TV ad:


The Obama TV ad:

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