A giant vulva bicycle taxi hits the streets of Finland

What more is there to say?

Published June 4, 2008 11:08PM (EDT)

We were just alerted, via Metafilter, to one of the more unusual means of transport I've ever seen: a bicycle taxi topped with a giant vulva. Look at the photo*. I can't make this shit up.

(*Do not click on this link unless you are prepared to explain to your boss why you are checking out photographs of an enormous rubber vulva at work.)

The best part about that particular article is that it was written in Finnish and translated for me by the Internet. I hear technology is getting better, but for the moment, I wouldn't give up your Rosetta Stone. To quote:

"According to the Mobile Female Monument has been surreal, and at the same time, a very humane work of art, which speaks the same time as the public the personal status. Far from view, wheeled vehicle crossing gogolilainen jättiläisnenä reveal a closer as seen from a woman's synnytyselimiksi. Pale invite passers-by ryömimään in the book and the birth there again."

But at least that selection is better than another Internet-produced quote. After claiming that "art has become much more diversified, then golden," my Google translator asserts that "Cunt brings the art of anything."

According to Jalopnik, the taxi is actually a creation of a Finnish artist named Mimosa Pale, who pedals the disembodied vulva through the streets three times a week as a protest against a world she thinks is too "man-parts-centric." (She encourages people to take a ride in its satin-lined folds -- providing a very funny photo opportunity for anyone brave enough to climb inside.)

Speaking of a world that is too man-parts-centric, Pale's creation reminds me of Jonathan Ames' contest to find the most phallic building in the world. (He had to include a special award for non-circumcised buildings.) It makes me want to launch a female version. So let's do it. Post links to the most yonic architectural creations you can find, and if we get enough participation, I'll follow up with a winner. My submission: the Cathedral of Christ the Light that's going up in Oakland. It looks like a giant glass vagina. Other entries?

Post-script: If you want a full translation of the article, check out the comments thread.

By Catherine Price

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