The return of Larry Sinclair

On Wednesday, the National Press Club plays host to the controversial figure, who claims to have engaged in a wild night with Barack Obama.

By Alex Koppelman
Published June 18, 2008 3:20PM (EDT)

Wednesday afternoon, a man named Larry Sinclair will appear at the National Press Club. Previously unknown, Sinclair has come to some degree of national attention recently for some particularly outlandish claims he has made about Barack Obama. (The specifics of the claims aren't really worth going into here, especially as Sinclair has a lengthy criminal record that involves fraud and has failed a lie detector test about his allegations against Obama, but they involve sex and drug use.)

Liberal bloggers have started a petition protesting Sinclair's appearance at the NPC, which they believe will only lend him undeserved credibility. But it appears that the appearance will go forward anyway, as the NPC says it does not turn people away because of the content of their message.

Colorado has an open warrant for Sinclair's arrest, Politico's Ben Smith reports, but the warrant does not allow for interstate extradition, so there's little chance his appearance will lead to his incarceration.

Alex Koppelman

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