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Vote Darcy Burner, and her dog

Published July 2, 2008 4:40PM (EDT)

Hey, Tucker Carlson, here's a woman running for Congress! Darcy Burner is (again) challenging Republican piece of work Rep. Dave Reichert in Washington state's 8th Congressional District. And for once, it's appropriate for Burner to have made headlines because of something other than her actual platform.

As the Seattle Times reports, Burner's home was destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning. (Maybe her husband is the one who should have changed his name?) (Speaking of jokes, let's see how long it takes Reichert's wizards to come up with something about Burner dying in a fire.)

Defective wiring in the room of her 5-year-old son -- who alerted his parents to the fire -- is said to have been at fault, though of course if this had happened to Hillary Clinton, some officials might have blamed Clinton herself for doing that thing where she shoots flames from her eyeballs.

Anyway, what I have now learned about Burner, thanks to a tipster in her district, is that she has excellent progressive policies, a real scuzzbag for an opponent and a puppy named Bruce Wayne. Sold. Read more about Burner here.

By Lynn Harris

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