Save boys from tween tramps!

Boys need rescuing from hypersexualized pubescent girls?

Published July 2, 2008 9:30AM (EDT)

Earlier this week, the New York Daily News ran a seething piece about "slut culture" by Kathleen Parker. She observes the attitude that it's never "too early to start little girls thinking about sex and teaching them to dress the part." Case in point: Parents can outfit their 4-year-olds in a T-shirt that reads, "Baby Porn Star," and pre-pubescents can find bustiers, padded "bralettes" and stilettos at toy stores.

All this must be in the service of arguing that it's time we save girls from being oversexualized, right? Ehhn! Wrong. The piece is actually an excerpt from Parker's book, titled "Save the Males." Parker argues that men are "taunted by a parade of approaching midriffs featuring pierced navels and retreating 'tramp stamps.'" This discombobulates boys, "who report being perpetually aroused," she says.

To recap: Girls are being sexualized before they even know what sex is, but it's males that need the rescuing. Quick, save them from these succubi in training bras!

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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