Used women are like used cars?

BMW compares nonvirgins to preowned luxury vehicles.

Published July 16, 2008 9:00PM (EDT)

Copyranter alerted us to a print advertisement featuring a beautiful young woman -- presumably naked and lying in bed -- wearing a come-hither look and a crown of blond curls. In small print scrawled across her bare shoulder, it reads: "You know you're not the first." As your eyes drift to the bottom of the advertisement -- and the top of her chest -- you learn that it's an advertisement for BMW's premium selection of used cars. Used cars, used women -- get it?! And, finally, there's BMW's slogan in the bottom right-hand corner, which takes on a whole new meaning: "Sheer Driving Pleasure."

Plenty of delightful messages are implied: Used BMWs are like soiled sexpots -- dirty but fun to drive. Or: A used BMW won't tell you to go faster or slower. It lets you drive. Maybe even: Driving a used car doesn't require protection!

You stay classy, BMW.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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