Carp diem!

Fish pedicures come to America, leaving flesh-hungry carp full and your feet clean.

Published July 22, 2008 9:15PM (EDT)

Why trust people to clean your feet when fish can do the same thing, only better? You'll have to get your feet more than a little wet if you want a fish pedicure, the latest advancement in podiatric hygiene. The treatment, which originated in Turkey, is becoming popular in the D.C. area, where people are willingly watching hungry carp feast away at their feet. The tiny fish thrive on dead skin, leaving the feet they feed on shiny, smooth and rejuvenated. In response to an incident that killed 7,000 fish, PETA has argued that using the carp for a pedicure is animal mistreatment. But that hasn't stopped Diane Sawyer from getting one.

By Logan Scherer

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