Novak has tumor

His history of aggressive driving notwithstanding, maybe there's more to the story of his hit-and-run last week.

Published July 28, 2008 6:09PM (EDT)

I get as frustrated with the Prince of Darkness as anyone else, but let's hope that this report about Robert Novak having a brain tumor, though sourced to him, turns out to be either premature or misreported. Though his hit-and-run accident seemed like the result of a grumpy, impatient and thoughtless driver who just didn't care, maybe there's something's really wrong with the health of the longtime columnist.

Say what you want about him, but often Novak is the only columnist with sources in the paleo-con crowd and Republican ranks generally who is capable of breaking stories others in the media can't get. I remember interviewing him briefly in 2004 in New Hampshire the day before that state's primary, and noticing he had some drool running down the side of his face and that he seemed unaware of it. Perhaps Novak has not been in top shape for a few years now, though he never seemed to work (or, apparently, drive) any slower as a result.

By Thomas Schaller

Thomas F. Schaller is professor of political science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the author of "Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without the South." Follow him @schaller67.

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