Noisy and oh-so-nice

Das' new keyboard has the look and feel of a classic.

Published July 29, 2008 7:50PM (EDT)

The new Das Keyboard Professional ($129) landed on my doorstep with a distinct clack. Make that clickity-clack, and loudly at that. Because it's equipped with mechanical key switches, closing my eyes and typing on the Professional is like going back in time to the original IBM PC keyboard.

Eyes wide open or squinted shut, it makes no difference when seated before Das' other model, the Ultimate, which features blank keys across the board -- a kind of techno tough love for those who want to learn to touch-type with no chance of peeking when stuck on a letter or symbol.

For this touch typist, typing hasn't felt -- or sounded -- this good in decades, though I doubt co-workers in open office environments would feel the same.

Which do you prefer? Noisy or quiet? Comments welcome.

By Joe Hutsko

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