Pregorexia: All the hot moms are doing it

Fox reports that slim celebrity moms are inspiring pregnant women to starve themselves.

Published August 6, 2008 9:30AM (EDT)

Batten down the hatches, a new buzzword is headed this way! That's right, Fox News and the Daily Mail report that "pregorexia" is taking the country -- nay, the entire Western world -- by storm. Designer pregnancy wear and celebrities, like Nicole Kidman and Nicole Richie, who seemed to gain no more than their baby's weight during pregnancy, are inspiring expectant mothers. Inspiring them to starve themselves and their baby in pursuit of the perfect baby bump!

The two news outlets were surely too busy hyperventilating into paper bags at this "news" to note that it runs contrary to a larger, already established trend that has doctors seriously worried: Growing numbers of obese and overweight women, and mothers who gain more weight during pregnancy than is recommended. In fact, some say the guidelines need to be reworked since a recent study found that women who "gained the recommended amount of weight ran four times the risk of having a child who was overweight at age 3, compared to women who gained less than the advised amount," according to the Associated Press. Ah, but if it bleeds has a buzzword, it leads!

This one's getting filed away with "drunkorexia" and "manorexia" under: "Buzzwords That Make a Serious, Deadly Illness Sound Totally Trendy."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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