Ciao for now

It's been a good ride. Thanks, thoughtful readers.

Denise Caruso
August 8, 2008 10:52PM (UTC)

I'm at the end of my stint as Machinist's guest writer, and I wanted to say "ciao" and "grazie infinite," as they say in my country.

I haven't dipped back into the tech world since I started Hybrid Vigor in 2000, and before that it had been years since I'd written for a publication where I could really write in my own voice. So this week was tremendously rewarding, if only from that perspective.


But wait, there's more!

What I found even more pleasing than romancing my muse was the quality of the commentary here. A minimum of snark, a maximum of actual thoughtful perspective about the topic at hand -- how very rare. And what a great experience for a writer. Every day, I looked forward to what you had to say.

Until next time, then ... thanks again.


Denise Caruso

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