Peep this: Anime eyes

Extra-wide contact lenses offer a perpetually surprised look -- without surgery!

Published August 11, 2008 8:50PM (EDT)

Shopping Times

A real, live woman wearing "anime contacts"

Great news, ladies! It is now possible to conquer the summit of unrealistic beauty standards: Japanese anime. Plastic surgery can offer a childlike nose and button-popping breasts -- but, for too long, anime aspirants have been unable to claim the genre's big, blinking doll eyes for themselves.

Now, thanks to extra-wide, iris-enlarging contact lenses, watery and reflective anime eyes are available to real women. The contacts, a hit with some of Japan's hottest starlets, come in a rainbow of colors; some even incorporate hearts, stars and butterflies. Shopping Times, a blog that sells the contacts for $35, commands us: "Crave and Envy No More!"

Immediately after learning about this trend on Missbehave, my expression perfectly illustrated why wearing these contacts isn't required for that wide-eyed look: One need only read about them.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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