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Published September 10, 2008 5:30PM (EDT)



Kady G - 04:03 pm Pacific Time - Aug 22, 2008 - #3566 of 3600

Overheard downtown between a couple of dreadlocked twentysomething young men.
"We have to ask ourselves the question."
"The question?"
"What would Kojack do?"

ACMcKinney - 06:28 am Pacific Time - Aug 24, 2008 - #3573 of 3600

Two guys wearing khaki shirts with embroidered cloth patches on the sleeves (couldn't read what they said) got on my Minneapolis metro bus and sat just ahead of me.
Louder man: "What about this convention? Are you gonna go?"
Quiet man: "I'm still thinking about it."
Me (thinking): "Yeah, I thought you looked like a Republican."
After gazing out window for a while, I hear Louder man again: "Oh, it's been OK. The house next-door finally sold. Last week was the big move, and like two days later, they stick up a big McCain sign! Give me a break!" (voice getting louder) "You've just moved into a new neighborhood! Wouldn't you sort of wait to see what the place was like? Wait till all the Obama signs go up! They've already made a neighborhood of enemies!"

AmyC - 06:48 pm Pacific Time - Aug 24, 2008 - #3575 of 3600

"It's like Sheryl Crow, but not as clever."

Vickysss - 04:41 am Pacific Time - Aug 25, 2008 - #3578 of 3600

"We saw that movie. It had that blonde and that other guy."

Heidi Lynn - 02:42 pm Pacific Time - Aug 27, 2008 - #3582 of 3600

"He's really obsequious, and I'm saying that as somebody who's pretty obsequious myself."

Sir Realist - 12:52 pm Pacific Time - Aug 29, 2008 - #3584 of 3600

Two college girls walking down the street:
"So, if anything happens to him, THIS chick is going to be president!?"

Heidi Lynn - 07:20 pm Pacific Time - Aug 30, 2008 - #3587 of 3600

Two men at Harbor Freight Tools:
"Yeah it was incredible. There was blood everywhere. On the floor, on the refrigerator, on the wall..."

The speaker was laughing, so I can only assume things turned out alright.

ACMcKinney - 09:13 pm Pacific Time - Sep 1, 2008 - #3594 of 3600

Tense-looking office sort walking ahead of me home from the train station, on cellphone:
"(inaudible, mumble, mumble)"
(Suddenly very loud): "No, I will not get real!!"

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