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Published September 18, 2008 9:05PM (EDT)

Sarah Palin has invented a new game. It's called "stump the candidate," and she thought it might be fun to play, since people keep dogging her knowledge and experience. "If you want specifics and specific policy or countries, go ahead, you can ask me," she said to an audience member at a town hall rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. OK, I'm thinking of a country that starts with an R ...

Meanwhile, Palin's rimless glasses have caused a veritable fashion craze that has the Japanese company that designs them working harder than a community organizer. The Kawasaki 704s, designed by Kazuo Kawasaki, have become so popular in the U.S. and Japan that the company sold more pairs in two weeks than it has sold all year, putting wait time for a pair in the U.S. at about two months (dang it, not enough time for Halloween!).

The New York Times explains today how to get that bouffant of Palin's, down to the very last highlight. Unfortunately, it takes about 50 hours to perfect, and Tina Fey sort of has a monopoly on that domain. Apparently, though, Google has an entirely different image of Palin, as it "accidentally" linked a story about cruel pig farming techniques to a picture of McCain's running mate.

And speaking of pesky Internet mishaps, someone has fessed up to being the Sarah Palin e-mail hacker, claiming the break-in was easy. The hacker didn't find much there, though, beyond further confirmation that someone who doesn't understand that you shouldn't use Yahoo to conduct state affairs is probably not prepared to be president.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a "Palin for Mayor" campaign ad -- or a retrospective into the many unfortunate hairdos of Sarah Heath Palin. You can watch below:

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