"Hillary Sent Me!"

Hillary Clinton launches a new grass-roots organizing program with the goal of helping elect one-time rival Barack Obama.

Published September 19, 2008 9:26PM (EDT)

Hillary Clinton is stepping up her work on behalf of one-time rival Barack Obama, she announced today. A new grass-roots organizing program designed to tap her supporters kicks off on Saturday.

The program, dubbed "Hillary Sent Me!" was organized by Clinton's political action committee, HillPAC, in conjunction with the Obama campaign. It will be hosted at the PAC's Web site, and, according to a press release, will feature "information on canvassing, phone banking, blogging and other grassroots activities in critical battleground states." The site will put particular emphasis on a different state each weekend.

"As we continue to read the headlines about our troubled economy, the stakes of this election only get higher. Today I am asking all of you to hit the phones, hit the road and spread the word that we must elect Barack Obama President and we must send a filibuster-proof majority to Congress," Clinton said in a statement. "This is a call to action. We all have a role ... Tell them that Hillary sent you."

On Friday, Clinton held a conference call with supporters -- as many as 2,000 of them, the Associated Press says -- in which she officially announced the project.

By Alex Koppelman

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