Girl tells Palin: I didn't choose rape

An emotional new ad tells the story of a young rape victim who got pregnant.

Published October 17, 2008 9:15PM (EDT)

A new ad attacking Sarah Palin's stance on abortion is likely to follow you around like a rain cloud for the rest of the day. In front of a gray backdrop, a round-faced, watery-eyed young girl looks into the camera and says: "I was raped." Sniffing -- both she and I -- she adds, "And then I got pregnant." It was at this point that I flailed my arms and hit "pause," feeling as if I needed to guard myself for what was to come. She continues, her voice wavering:

Sarah Palin believes the government should be able to force me to carry the pregnancy to term. Sarah Palin believes that the government should make that choice. Not me. Governor Palin, I didn't have a choice about being raped. But I should have a choice about this.

It's unclear whether the young girl featured in the ad, from Women Against McCain Palin, is telling her own story or is a talented actress (I suspect it's the latter). Regardless, the final emotional impact is the same; this is a true story for many girls and women, and Palin believes they should have no reproductive choice. If a young rape victim doesn't sway undecided or apathetic voters with regard to Palin's position on abortion, it's unlikely anything will.

On that note, after watching the spot, you can lug that heavy heart of yours over to this Web site and put the ad on TV in key swing states.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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