It's hard out there for a Republican House member

Bad tidings for the GOP: A leaked memo says 58 of the party's 202 seats are at risk on Election Day.

By Gabriel Winant
Published October 24, 2008 8:15PM (EDT)

It must be a stressful time to be a House Republican. First, you realize that the better part of the population of the country you serve and love turns out to hate that country. Then, it dawns on you: They hate America so much that there's about a 25 percent chance they're seriously considering relieving you from your America-serving duties.

In sum: The House GOP is facing an electoral disaster equal to those of their counterparts fighting for the Senate and the White House. A leaked document written by a GOP consultant and circulated among House Republicans classifies 58 Republican seats as at risk. Eleven of those seats have already been written off as all but lost, seven seats are considered to be leaning Democratic and 16 are classified as tossups. The document counts 19 vulnerable Democratic seats as well, but considers only one of these a sure thing for the Republicans, the Florida seat currently held by serial adulterer Tim Mahoney.

There are, remember, only 202 Republicans in Congress at the moment. That means 28.7 percent of their seats made this list. Surely, this is a painful and uncomfortable moment to work at the National Republican Congressional Committee, having to play God and decide who gets a chance at survival. It's like a political version of  "Sophie's Choice."

Gabriel Winant

Gabriel Winant is a graduate student in American history at Yale.

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