Cindy McCain: "Just like any other female human"

The Onion offers a bizarre and hilarious spoof on the potential first lady: "She loves her kids with both her hearts."

By Sarah Hepola
Published October 27, 2008 2:00PM (EDT)

My friend Andy sent me this video with the tease: "I just love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE this." Andy's got a pretty good sense of humor, so I decided to watch it. And you know what? I love this, too.

I hate to pile on Cindy McCain. [Ed. note: No she doesn't.] Lately, Cindy has been looking so brittle and sad, and it's not her fault that her husband is more lost than those poor doomed hipsters in "The Blair Witch Project."

But the Onion, run by men and women more cold and heartless than I am, spoofs Cindy McCain's  (dare we say? ) somewhat extraterrestrial appearance to offer a twisted and truly bizarre news report, including such deadpan head-scratchers as: "Humans in the larval stage need our help the most."



Cindy McCain Claims She's Just Like Any Other Female Human

Sarah Hepola

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