Malkin: Win or lose, Obama supporters will riot

Displaying her usual subtlety, nuance and understanding, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin says rioting after the Phillies' World Series win is a forecast of what's to come.

By Vincent Rossmeier
Published October 30, 2008 8:45PM (EDT)

In a post today on her site, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin gives readers a great reminder of why she has become known as such a bastion of reason, kindness and political judiciousness. Commenting on the reaction Philadelphia fans had to their Phillies' World Series win, Malkin wrote:

Your team wins. How do you show your pleasure?

Take to the streets, rampage, overturn cars, and rob banks.

Here's a vid of a car torching after the Phillies' win ...

You'll recall that a Philadelphia Daily News columnist threatened riots if Obama loses on Tuesday.

Who knows what they'll do if he wins.

That's right, Michelle. Come Nov. 5, all those elite, liberal redistributionists will throw down their frothy cappuccinos and turn the streets of Greenwich Village and Berkeley into war zones. And if Obama loses, they'll invade the heartland! Scary days are ahead either way!

Of course, you don't have to be Stephen Hawking to realize there might just be a wee bit of a racial undertone to Malkin's post. Let's face it -- she's not quaking about Starbucks-loving white liberals taking to the streets. (The irony being that, as Alex's friend Daniel McQuade of Philadelphia Will Do told us, the crowd was in fact mainly white 20-somethings -- see video he shot of fans overturning one car in Center City Philadelphia here.)

As a sports fan myself, I'd also like to point out that considering the past behavior of Philadelphia fans, Wednesday night's display after the Phillies' win was a model of restraint. Considering that they booed Santa and cheered when former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin appeared to have been paralyzed, a few overturned cars somehow seems relatively mild.

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