For the love of Condi

In a new "musical docu-tragi-comedy," the guy who played Buzz in "Home Alone" attempts to woo our secretary of state.

By Judy Berman
Published October 31, 2008 6:47PM (EDT)

Perhaps because talk of Sarah Palin has been ubiquitous in these past few months, and chatter surrounding Hillary Clinton reigned supreme for a year before that, we haven't heard a lot about Condoleezza Rice lately. This is a problem, and I'm going to remedy it right now. Get ready for "Courting Condi."

In the new film-cum-publicity stunt, Devin Ratray attempts to win the heart of America's secretary of state. Who is Devin Ratray, you ask? He's a self-described "portly musician" who saw 15 minutes of fame when, several years ago, he played Macaulay Culkin's bullying stepbrother in "Home Alone." 

Judging by the Web site and trailer (posted below), "Courting Condi" -- a film that bills itself as a "musical docu-tragi-comedy" -- is a heady mélange of styles and aims. On top of Ratray's quest to woo Condi, it covers the secretary of state's biography and includes several brightly animated musical numbers. There's even a delightful cameo by Adrian Grenier of "Entourage" that involves some seemingly inexplicable quasi-nudity. But it isn't all romance and sight gags; it looks like the movie also incorporates a few somber talking-head interviews on Condi's legacy of poor foreign policy decisions and potential war crimes.

As someone who once seriously considered making an investigative documentary about Ralph Nader's sex life (Harvey Weinstein, if you're reading this, I'm still ready to drop everything and start filming ASAP), I'm trying hard not to judge "Courting Condi" too harshly before I see it. But I can't help guessing it won't be much more than a collection of cheap parody, feel-good liberal talking points and gap-tooth jokes -- in short, an uninspired move calculated to revive Ratray's career. What do you think, Broadsheet readers? Is there any hope for "Courting Condi"?

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Judy Berman

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