A note from Berkeley Breathed

His site is mysteriously down today, but it will be back up asap.

By Joan Walsh

Published November 2, 2008 7:33PM (EST)

Berkeley Breathed emailed me this morning to say that his site was down. It could be heavy traffic due to the Opus contest; it could be more nefarious forces. Here's his note:

"The McCain campaign is behind the shut down of BerkeleyBreathed.com, where the winner of the $10,000 Opus Paradise Contest is named. The GOP is not going to figure a way to rig the Florida election results this time, so they've obviously set their eyes on something easier. The $10,000 winner is in Tampa Bay. Think about that. Please check back later on Sunday."


Joan Walsh

Joan Walsh is the author of "What's the Matter With White People: Finding Our Way in the Next America."

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