Have yourself an Election Eve cry

Videos and photos that could bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened Republican.

By Joan Walsh
Published November 3, 2008 7:30PM (UTC)
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On Open Salon, blogger Saturn Smith beat me to this project: An Election Eve highlight reel of photos and videos that will make you cry, especially if you're a Barack Obama supporter. It's here. I want to point to one of her runners-up, a site I hadn't seen, Yes we can hold babies. So great.

I had to add two of my own: This one (from the Obama campaign, but Taylor Marsh actually sent it to me), simply titled "Charles Meets Barack":

And then there's this one. I've thought about posting this about 10 times since the primary season. If you've got any undecided-voter friends who are worried Obama is "elitist," make them watch this: The day Obama worked alongside home health aide Pauline Beck, as part of SEIU's "Walk a day in my shoes" campaign. You see the young man who was raised by a single mother and then by his grandparents, who's always had to care for himself and others (OK, I know Michelle has let him off the hook on some of this stuff, at home, but he knows his way around household chores.) His humility, and his respect and kindness for Pauline Beck and her elderly client John Thornton, are among the many good reasons to vote for him Tuesday.

Joan Walsh

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