Who did Sarah Palin vote for?

Unbelievably, outside her Wasilla polling place, she refused to say.

By Joan Walsh

Published November 4, 2008 5:00PM (EST)

On MSNBC just now, Sarah Palin took a few questions from reporters clustered outside her Wasilla, Alaska, polling place. Unbelievably, she refused to tell them whom she voted for. Here's what she said: "I am also exercising my right to privacy, and I don't have to tell anybody who I vote for, nobody does, and that's really cool about America also." Verbatim.

What is she doing? Did she just go rogue in the voting booth? Can anyone imagine Joe Biden not saying that he just proudly voted for Barack Obama? Is she tweaking the liberal media that has infringed her First Amendment rights one more time? I can't imagine the Veepzilla from Wasilla not voting for herself -- but maybe she wrote herself in at the top of the ballot? Very strange.

She also gave her husband, "First Dude" Todd Palin, a chance to say something. "It's great to be home for a couple of hours here, and then we'll be back tomorrow," said Todd Palin. I'd say that means he doesn't expect them to win, because I can't imagine a scenario where the veep-elect heads directly home the day after the election, but then the Palins do things their own way.

I'm goin' rogue now, folks, and I'm gonna go vote! See you back here soon.<p>

Update: Here's the video:

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