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Record number of women to serve in the House and Senate.

By Lynn Harris

Published November 5, 2008 5:28PM (EST)

Honestly, it's hard to write anything this morning other than "President-elect Barack Obama, President-elect Barack Obama, President-elect Barack Obama," or "Bite me, Liz Dole." But there's plenty more to talk about, such as woot!-worthy decisions in South Dakota and Colorado affirming the personhood of, you know, people -- along with grim predictions that voters in California and elsewhere have done exactly the opposite.

Among the other few but grave electoral bummers: the victory of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who may indeed want to get going on that whole McCarthyism thing she proposed so eloquently. Which brings us back to the good news, anticipated here yesterday: Many of her new colleagues -- among them, notably, record numbers (PDF) of women -- appear to have run, and won, on the promise of activities that Bachmann might well define as liberal "anti-American." 

Among the Emily's List-tastic victories for moderate/progressive women in Congress: 

  • Florida: Suzanne Kosmas, an advocate of children's issues, universal healthcare and alternative energy, beat Abramoff buddy Rep. Tom Feeney.
  • Illinois: Debbie Halvorson trounced concrete magnate Marty Ozinga in a district that has not elected a Dem in 14 years.
  • Colorado: Betsy Markey fought back against nasty personal attacks to defeat KKK-approved Rep. Marilyn Musgrave.
  • Arizona: Ann Kirkpatrick wrested a Dem seat from antichoice mining lobbyist Sydney Hay.
  • Maine: Chellie Pingree, whose daughter is a state rep, defeated Charlie Summers.
  • Ohio: Marcia Fudge will continue as hardworking heir to Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.
  • New Hampshire: Wins by Carol Shea-Porter and Jeanne Shaheen.

And then there's Beverly Perdue -- excuse me, that's Gov. Beverly Perdue -- in North Carolina, who'll no doubt have Kay Hagan on her side. Christine Gregoire was also reelected in Washington state. All of which, one can only hope, Sarah Palin can see from her house.



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