Secretary of State Clinton?

Talk that Hillary Clinton might be under serious consideration for the job appears to be more than just rumor-mongering.

By Alex Koppelman

Published November 14, 2008 4:05PM (EST)

The talk about Hillary Clinton possibly being named as secretary of state in Barack Obama's administration appears to be more than just talk.

In fact, Clinton appears to be under serious consideration for the position, and reportedly met with Obama about it. Politico's Ben Smith says that Obama himself has discussed the possibility with some of his advisors.

Meanwhile, NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports that two other prominent Democrats, John Kerry and Bill Richardson, want the job, and that Tom Daschle might be a compromise choice.

One question about this is why Clinton would want the job. She'd have to give up her Senate seat to take it, first of all. And a gig as secretary of state would last for, at most, eight years, and even that much is unlikely, as those who hold the position don't tend to stick around for a full two terms.

Alex Koppelman

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