Salon's 2008 gift guide

Need a little help with your holiday shopping? We've picked out more than 100 perfect gifts for even the fussiest people on your list.

By Salon Staff

Published November 28, 2008 11:23AM (EST)

Now that we're done being thankful for all that we have (a new president, a new secretary of state and a closetful of "Yes We Can" signs), it's time to launch into the joyous, panicked frenzy of the holiday shopping season. Salon's writers and editors have handpicked a variety of sure-to-please gifts for all kinds of people on your shopping list, from the foodie to the sports lover, the culture vulture to the house proud, the gadget lover and the outdoor adventurer -- even recommendations for kids and animals. Over the next week, we will be unveiling our gift suggestions for different budgets: splurges, bargains and lots of things in between, all available for purchase online.

Or if you'd prefer to go with a more intimate gift -- a free dinner! a car wash! a lap dance! free baby sitting! a "Yes We Can" sign! -- create your own customized holiday coupon by clicking here, and stay far from the madding, bargain-hunting crowds. Ho ho ho!


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