Palin still eyeing Senate?

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is warning Sarah Palin that she'll face a tough battle if she goes after Murkowski's seat in 2010.

Published December 2, 2008 3:05PM (EST)

Since Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens lost to Democratic challenger Mark Begich, Gov. Sarah Palin won't get a chance to take over Stevens' seat, as some observers had speculated she might want to do. But Palin might still have her eye on the Senate, and the state's other Senator is worried.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, is up for reelection in 2010. And, Politico reports, she's warning Palin to keep out of the race. “I can guarantee it would be a very tough election,” Murkowski told Politico. “If she wants to be president, I don’t think the way to the presidency is a short stop in the United States Senate."

In 2006, Palin defeated Murkowski's father, Frank Murkowski, to become governor.

By Alex Koppelman

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