Luxury gifts for the cat lover

Stylish, modern splurges for scratching, pooping and carrying without a catfight.

Published December 3, 2008 9:36PM (EST)

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed ($139) does look like it was designed by Apple. (Its ludicrous marketing claims that it's "more than a pet bed, more than a carrier or car seat: it's a lifestyle.") But you do feel a lot smarter carrying it around than one of those beige plastic kitty caddies or a zebra-print purse-bag. The Sleepypod is modern and cute without causing cavities. It also has serious views for your pet -- a 360-degree skylight so they can see exactly where they're going at all times. But that's either a major plus or a minus, if your cat is like ours and is freaked out by anything he hasn't slept on. For the right, ultra-brave cat, this is a really smart ride.

The "Pounce" Cat Tree ($179) is a pretty hefty investment for a scratch post -- but man, is it handsome. And yes, it's sturdy enough to double as a side table. Even better, it's made from 35 percent recyclable cardboard and is fairly durable; you can smooth away scratch marks with a light sandpapering. And this one, really, is all about you. Kitty just wants to do his business with a little privacy, and wants you to keep the thing clean. He doesn't care if it's in this Modern Litter Cabinet ($300) (which Apartment Therapy thinks looks as if it was designed by Armani Casa, but we think it's a bit more West Elm). But it is a handsome little unit, and most covered cat boxes are pretty damn ugly. If there's any real truth that cats are natural aesthetes, then yes, they'll appreciate this, too. But only if you keep it clean.

By Kerry Lauerman

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