Three candles for How the World Works

From an idiosyncratic blog on globalization to a 24 by 7 chronicle of economic meltdown. Who would have guessed it?

By Andrew Leonard
December 6, 2008 5:26AM (UTC)
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I'm jumping the gun by two days here, but what the heck: Sunday will mark the third anniversary of How the World Works, which debuted Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2005.

I am as surprised as anyone that what started out as blog more or less about "globalization" has transformed itself into a chronicle of a world-historic economic catastrophe. The last several months have been among the most intense of my journalistic career, and it continually surprises me that my obsession with what appeared to be an unsustainable housing boom three years has led to this point. But there's no letting go now.


I also wouldn't trade this gig for anything else right now, and I am especially pleased that readership has steadily grown, to the point that it is beginning to take up a non-trivial amount of my time just to monitor the comments. And I am eagerly awaiting the new year, when we'll get a chance to see how a new administration negotiates an incredibly complex world.

Andrew Leonard

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