Report: Obama picks energy, environment team

NBC says physicist Steven Chu will be secretary of Energy, Lisa Jackson will head the EPA and Carol Browner will be energy czar.

By Alex Koppelman
December 11, 2008 3:05AM (UTC)
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President-elect Barack Obama has apparently settled on his energy and environment team.

NBC is reporting that physicist -- and Nobel Prize winner -- Steven Chu will be nominated to head the Department of Energy; Lisa Jackson, the former commissioner of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection, has been tapped for the Environmental Protection Agency and former EPA chief Carol Browner is set to become energy czar.


Chu has an impressive resume, and if he's confirmed he'll have what's certainly the strongest scientific background of any Energy secretary. Besides his Nobel, he's been working on renewable energy as director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and has worked at the legendary Bell Labs and taught at Stanford.

Alex Koppelman

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