Timber! General Motors is falling

The automaker announces it will close most of its manufacturing plants for 30 percent of the first quarter of 2009. That includes a factory in Tennessee, by the way.

Published December 12, 2008 5:54PM (EST)

This just in, from the Detroit Free Press:

General Motors Corp., which is involved in a last-ditch effort to garner federal funds to help it survive through January, confirmed this morning that it is slashing approximately 250,000 units of production in the first quarter by shutting down most North American assembly plants for about 30 percent of the first quarter.

Of special note:

Workers at GM's Kansas City, Kan., car plant and its Spring Hill, Tenn., crossover plant this morning said they were notified this morning that they will be down from the holidays through Feb. 9.

Tennessee, of course, is represented by Republican Sen. Bob Corker, whose quest to kill the UAW sabotaged the bailout -- unless Bush, Paulson and  TARP ride to the rescue.

By Andrew Leonard

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