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From shelter cats to cougars, it's all downhill after 25, according to Bijou Phillips.

By Amy Benfer
December 18, 2008 1:24AM (UTC)
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OK, I think it’s safe to say that this whole cougar thing has officially crossed over into meaningless self-parody. The term deserved an eye roll back when it simply described a woman who could actually meet the demographic criteria for being considered middle-aged choosing a younger male lover, at more or less exactly the same time the men around her were chasing younger women. Then, idiots started lobbing the term at women like Cameron Diaz -- the kind of woman, I think we can all agree, who would be considered a spectacularly hot catch by a person of any age. But in an interview with Black Book this week Bijou Phillips (model, actress, daughter of John Phillips, ex-girlfriend of Sean Lennon) claims that all women over 30 deserve to have their sexual mating habits likened to those of a feral cat. And according to Ms. Phillips, now 28, all women begin to look tattered at around 25 or so. Here’s the quote:

At 20 I think you’re like a kitten. And then in your mid-20s, you’re like a shelter cat, or street cat. That’s what it is. It’s kitten, shelter cat, bobcat, the cougar. And then in your 40s, you’re a lioness. And then in your 80s, what are you? You’re like a jaguar. No? Not good? Okay, you’re a lioness until the day you die.

Granted, this is coming from a woman who kicked off her tabloid career in her mid-teens. But still. On the other hand, there's great joke waiting to be writtten about letting the shelter cat eat Christmas cake.



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