Connecticut Dems go easy on Lieberman

Despite his support for John McCain, Connecticut Democrats opt not to punish Joe Lieberman.

By Vincent Rossmeier
December 18, 2008 11:45PM (UTC)
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Yesterday, I wrote about the efforts of Connecticut Democrats to do something, anything, to rebuke Senator Joe Lieberman for supporting John McCain during the presidential campaign. Wednesday night, after a somewhat raucous meeting in Hartford, 50 members of Connecticut's Democratic State Central Committee decided on their response to Lieberman's actions: a strongly worded letter.

The letter admonishes Lieberman, but does little else. Some members wanted a formal resolution condemning Lieberman for working against Barack Obama, but the Committee did not support this effort. It seems unlikely that the letter will have any impact on Lieberman; a spokesperson for the Senator said that he is "focusing on the future" and not worried about his low level of support among the state's voters.


Former Bridgeport Mayor John M. Fabrizi and Committee member told the Connecticut Post that the Senate's decision, encouraged by Barack Obama, to allow Lieberman to keep his Homeland Security committee chairmanship played an important part in the vote to only issue a letter. Said Fabrizi, "[The Democratic State Central Committee] did the right thing because they are going to need his help."


Vincent Rossmeier

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