Ted Kennedy suffers convulsions at luncheon

President Obama praises stricken senator.

By Vincent Rossmeier

Published January 20, 2009 7:47PM (EST)

Senator Edward Kennedy suffered a seizure during the congressional luncheon honoring Barack Obama's inauguration just a few moments ago. Kennedy was at a table with Obama at the start of the luncheon.

Doctors discovered a malignant tumor in Kennedy's brain this past May. CNN is reporting that paramedics are on the scene and that he's now in an ambulance after experiencing violent convulsions.

The new president opened his remarks at the lunch by expressing concern for the health of Kennedy -- or as he called him, "Teddy" -- and noting the senator's role in the struggle for civil rights.

According to the Politico's Glenn Thrush, West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd also left the luncheon early with apparent medical troubles.

Vincent Rossmeier

Vincent Rossmeier is an editorial assistant at Salon.

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