A dance-fest for president No. 44

For a few hours, anyway, the world is working pretty nicely.

Published January 20, 2009 7:35PM (EST)

In the three years I've been writing this blog, I've been daunted, many times, by the intractable complexity of the problems facing our world. Everything from the basics of making sure there is enough fresh water and healthy food to go around for 6.8 billion people, to the logistics of tackling climate change and developing alternative sources of energy, to the challenge of properly regulating unruly global financial markets. Throw in ever-present racial, religious, cultural and political antagonisms, not to mention the off-chance that in our search for a technological escape pod from our multi-pronged dilemmas we may accidently beget a nanotechnological or genetically modified blight of awesome destructive capacity, and you have good reason to be depressed. No one person could solve all these interwined problems -- it's not at all clear that they can be solved.

But today, after watching Barack Hussein Obama become sworn in as president of the United States, I'm not feeling so bad. If this how the world works, just for a few hours, well, that's not so bad. (Heck -- Obama even gave a shout-out to non-believers -- that's gotta be a first in an inauguration address.)

So in that spirit, here's a "Tribute to Obama" performed by the advanced dance class at my daughter's high school, Berkeley High. If you're into youthful enthusiasm and black presidents you might find it fits your mood.

By Andrew Leonard

Andrew Leonard is a staff writer at Salon. On Twitter, @koxinga21.

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