Will Elizabeth Edwards tell all?

Former Sen. John Edwards' wife has written a new book, one that will reportedly delve into the issue of her husband's affair.

By Alex Koppelman

Published February 3, 2009 4:45PM (EST)

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of former Sen. John Edwards, is coming out with another book. Titled "Resilience," it's scheduled to be released in May, and is being advertised as "an unsentimental and ultimately inspirational meditation on the gifts we can find among life’s biggest challenges.”

Edwards has certainly been challenged recently, both by her cancer and the very public revelation of her husband's affair and his having allegedly fathered his mistress' child. The book will reportedly at least touch on the latter; Edwards' publicist told Fox News' Roger Friedman she will discuss the "affair and how she experienced it."

Alex Koppelman

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