Where to get your Amy P. fix while awaiting her retitled sitcom.

By Lynn Harris

Published February 4, 2009 4:17PM (EST)

"SNL" bid farewell to Broadsheet girl crush Amy Poehler shortly before she and husband Will Arnett welcomed tiny Archibald (Archibald!) into the sitcom that is their home. Since then, we've had to fill the Poehler vacuum by Netflixing "Baby Mama" or getting wee fixes with wee feminists on Poehler's online show, Smart Girls at the Party. But perhaps you noticed that the Super Bowl ads, between the trash-talking tulips and forbearing koala, also featured a sneak peek at "Parks and Recreation" (formerly "Public Service"), the forthcoming Poehlertastic comedy that's like "The Office," only outdoors.  Or, if you didn't, here it is: 

Lynn Harris

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