Does Glenn Beck even know what socialism is?

The new Fox News host goes all out, breaking out the hammer and sickle to talk about President Obama.

By Alex Koppelman

Published February 5, 2009 4:35PM (EST)

Over at How the World Works, Salon's Andrew Leonard has a post about Sean Hannity calling the stimulus package "the European socialist act of 2009." Which, even for Hannity, is pretty ridiculous. But now I understand why he did it -- clearly, he was just trying to keep up with his newest colleague, Glenn Beck.

On his show last night, Beck went even more overboard than he usually does, dubbing a segment about the stimulus and President Obama's signing of new S-CHIP legislation "Comrade Update." (The r was backwards for some reason, but I'm not even going to try figuring out the HTML for that one.) The segment also featured a prominently placed hammer and sickle, and the crawl at the bottom of the page was in Russian.

Video is below. One word of warning -- this may be the dumbest television I've ever seen. And I used to watch "The Real World."

Alex Koppelman

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