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Forget Maxim. Nerve offers a list of the hottest women who are Size 10 and up.

By Amy Benfer

Published February 10, 2009 2:17PM (EST)

 Last week, journalists across several continents found news value in debating the exact dimensions and cultural ramifications of Jessica Simpson going from skinny to curvy. OK, they called her fat. One really had to wonder: "In what effing world?"

Over at the Nerve Scanner blog, our friend Emily Farris has put together a list of the top Ten Hottest Women Size Ten and Up. And no, it does not include Marilyn Monroe (or Jessica Simpson, who, by the way, even Jenny Craig spokespeople have said does not need to lose weight). Originally, Nerve planned to make a list of hot, contemporary women Size 14 and up, but got stuck at No. 7.

The list, writes Farris, is "based purely on our own assumptions and/or input from people who claim to know. But being a size ten ourselves, we're pretty good at guessing these things." The list includes Jennifer Hudson ("Makes you want to put on a tight dress and dance around the house to Supremes albums"), Queen Latifah, Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss, and Neko Case. Wait? Neko Case is a 10? WTF? Farris writes: "At first we had a very hard time believing that Neko Case is a 10, but we have it on very good authority (a friend who works in the music industry) that she is."

No. 1 is the divine Ms. Christina Hendricks, Joan on "Mad Men," who makes every woman want to break out the pencil skirts and the one most responsible for bringing back the bombshell silhouette. I have to admit, however, whenever I hear the claim that Hendricks is a model for a "realistic" body image, I wonder how many women see that in their mirror (though I can say on fairly good authority that Emily Farris bears a deliciously striking resemblance, down to the chic red bangs). "We heard from someone who used to share her clothes that she's most certainly a 10." Emily? You know someone who used to share her clothes?

Of course, no top 10 list is worth anything without a little discussion, so leave us some of your suggestions in the comments here, or join the discussion over at Nerve.

Amy Benfer

Amy Benfer is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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