Holy hot lesbian, Batwoman!

DC Comics offers another look at the Dark Knight's female replacement.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

Published February 11, 2009 8:00PM (EST)

DC Comics

Having (apparently) killed off the Dark Knight, DC Comics offered another look this week at the superhero filling his shoes -- or rather, replacing his shoes with fire engine red patent leather boots. The re-imagined Batwoman, who will make her comic comeback this summer as the star of the Detective Comics series, has long crimson hair, a matching cape, a black latex suit and blood-red lips. Oh, and she's also a lesbian. That's right: Not only is Batman's replacement a chick -- she also likes chicks. (That sound you hear? Around the world little boys' heads are exploding.)

So, what do we think of Batman's hot homosexual replacement? I'd love to get fired up about the fact that the franchise is being taken over by a woman or that DC Comics has introduced an openly lesbian crusader. But my real response is: Meh. She looks like every other female superhero, which is to say: a caped dominatrix. Now, show me a butch lesbian superhero who fights crime in practical shoes and I'd get excited.

What do readers think?

Tracy Clark-Flory

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