Palin: Press was on mission to destroy me

In an interview for a conservative documentary, the Alaska governor says it's "very frightening, I think, what the media was able to get away with, this go-around."

By Alex Koppelman

Published February 23, 2009 9:45PM (EST)

Former radio talker John Ziegler's documentary about the 2008 election, "Media Malpractice," which he's been teasing in various ways for months now, is finally coming out. Based on early coverage, including interviews Ziegler gave Monday, it seems like much of the movie will be an apologia for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and will blame the press for her stumbles during the campaign. In the first bit of actual news from the film, Palin seems to agree with that take.

In segments of an interview between Ziegler and Palin that were first revealed on Monday, Palin says the press decided, "’We are going to seek and we are going to destroy this candidacy of Sarah Palin’s because of what it is that she represents.’" She also seems to believe this mission was successful, saying it's "very frightening, I think, what the media was able to get away with, this go-around... There have been lies told, there have been reputations trashed, there have been children that have been harmed."

 For a sense as to how much credibility this documentary should be given, check out the video below, which is a compilation of excerpts from promotional interviews done by Ziegler. The most interesting part comes from his appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," when host Joe Scarborough asks Ziegler, "What newspapers do you read in the morning?"

"I usually go online and read whatever's on the Drudge Report or," Ziegler says. He then goes on to echo Palin's defense of her interview with Katie Couric, when she had trouble naming newspapers she reads, saying, "I'm not afraid of being trapped by Joe Scarborough because I'm not running for vice president and Joe Scarboroguh didn't just trie five times to get me to say something wrong on the issue of abortion, which is what happened with Katie Couric."

But whether he knows it or not -- or whether that's what Scarborough even intended -- Ziegler was in fact trapped by that question. He just made a documentary about the media, and yet he admits that he doesn't read a daily newspaper and relies on two conservative Web sites for his news.

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