A crush on Rush?

Mitch McConnell sounds like a teenager talking about his dreamy GOP hero.

Published March 2, 2009 3:57PM (EST)

I tried not to pay much attention to the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, except for reading great dispatches by Mike Madden and Thomas Schaller. Somehow I missed this hilarious scene: Mitch McConnell, looking flushed and a little overexcited, telling the CPAC swooners, "Who wants to hang out with guys like Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, when you can be with Rush?"

Oh, cool down, Mitch.

The GOP's Limbaugh lust is such good news for Democrats. In this Gallup poll, you can see 45 percent of independents, 63 percent of Democrats and even 23 percent of Republicans (perhaps soon to be "former Republicans") disapprove of Limbaugh. Still, the new leader of the Republican Party keeps hogging the stage, turning a scheduled 20-minute CPAC speech into an hour of Castro-like oratory, looking a little sweaty and deranged by the end of it.

To be fair, the new RNC chair Michael Steele called Limbaugh's anti-Obama rhetoric  "incendiary" and "ugly" on CNN's "D.L. Hughley Breaks the News" this weekend. But Steele is still recovering from Rep. Michele Bachmann's unbelievable faux-Ebonics greeting at CPAC Friday, "You be da man!"

But if Mitch wants to be with Rush, well, it's a free country. As a liberal I say, to each his own.

By Joan Walsh

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