WTF: Porn star Twitter

The hot and sexy new feed that will bore you back to Facebook.

Published March 9, 2009 2:28PM (EDT)

I remember being surprised when I first visited Amsterdam's Red Light District. Visions of outrageous prurience were replaced by a banal reality: Prostitutes talking on the phone, painting their nails and generally doing what we all do when killing time (except, you know, the sex for money part).

Now, you can experience the same phenomenon online, with Porn Star Tweet. Just when you thought it was safe to embrace Twitter, along comes a feed that will, well, bore you back to Facebook and gchat. The site boasts that you can "follow the regular and not so regular daily goings on of your favorite pornstars as they twitter away about their lives." Hmmm, does this sound interesting to you?

Eva Angelina: Running errands busy busy busy

Marie Luv: totally annoyed now...stopped at Arbys for a wrap that they don't offer anymore. A total time waster. Got an iced tea to calm m

Madison Mitchell: Just saw paris hilton driving... My life is complete.

Mine too.

By Katie Rolnick

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