More lies from the GOP

Obama spending "$1 billion an hour" and other silliness. Watch me break it down on CNN.

Published March 16, 2009 4:00PM (EDT)

I was on CNN's "DL Hughley Breaks the News" this weekend with Peter Beinart and former McCain flack Nancy Pfotenhauer, and boy, did she bring the lies. She went into a list of the right wing's discredited claims about "pork" the stimulus bill contained, culminating in something I've never heard on TV before: If you look at the $1.2 trillion in the stimulus bill and just passed budget, President Obama is spending "$1 billion an hour." I pushed back, and Media Matters has the video: Watch (text continues below):

We were actually "debating" another silly right-wing talking point: Is Obama doing "too much" in his first 55 days? Not captured in the video was my favorite moment of the night: I got a big hand for saying it's time for the rich to pay their fair share of the tax burden again. Obviously DL has a more populist audience than a lot of shows, but it was nice to hear a round of applause for a progressive tax system, in any setting.

By Joan Walsh

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