UAE public enemy No. 1: Lesbians

The United Arab Emirates launches a campaign against the "fourth sex."

Published March 18, 2009 7:00PM (EDT)

Lest you wonder, the United Arab Emirates, recently hit hard by economic woes, totally has its priorities straight when it comes to critical domestic threats. This week, officials jumped to action by launching a campaign called “Excuse me, I am a girl." (I'm pretty sure that was lifted straight from "The Valley Girl's Guide to Political Rhetoric.") It's aim: to fight a major "menace" to Arab society: lesbians.

Officials say that lesbians, euphemistically known as "manly" women or the "fourth sex," harass "normal" women, according to the Los Angeles Times. The government isn't interested in cracking down on harassment, though, so much as they want to eradicate inadequate femininity. The Times reports that "the campaign, which involves educational experts and psychologists, will include awareness workshops to explain the phenomenon and ways to face it." Naji Hay of the ministry of social affairs told a local TV station: "The phenomenon of manly women has become apparent in society ... These women are against the normal nature of females. Their deviant behavior threatens other normal girls. This is why we had to launch this initiative to protect society from this menace."

The script for a sequel to the early-'90s ghetto drama "Menace II Society" just writes itself, doesn't it?

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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