Sarah Palin strikes back at Bristol's ex

The politician calls Levi Johnston a fame-hungry liar in response to his appearance on today's "Tyra Banks Show."

Published April 6, 2009 2:01PM (EDT)

On Friday, we brought you word that the newly scrubbed and rather monosyllabic Levi Johnston, famous ex of Bristol Palin, would be appearing on Tyra Banks this afternoon, submitting to a battery of questions such as whether or not Sarah Palin knew they were schtupping (he says she did) and if the couple practiced safe sex. (Halting, squirm-inducing answer: "Yes... I guess... Most of the time.")

Well, not surprisingly, Sarah Palin has lashed out like the mama bear she is, responding to Johnston and his clan with the following statement.

"Bristol did not even know Levi was going on the show. We're disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention, and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship.

Bristol's focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence … It is unfortunate that Levi finds it more appealing to exploit his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well being of the child…

Bristol realizes now that she made a mistake in her relationship and is the one taking responsibility for their actions."

Oooh: Flat-out lies! Gross exaggeration! Thanks, Sarah Palin -- now we're totally gonna watch the Tyra show now! (Also, sorry to nitpick, because your daughter does seem like a sweet girl but: "advocating abstinence?" Like when she told Greta Van Susteren that abstinence wasn't realistic?)

It is admittedly sad to see two young people -- two parents of a young child more importantly -- caught up in this kind of nasty, public, finger-pointing showdown. Then again, the Palin entourage has become one of the most entertaining Schadenfreude sideshows this side of Britney Spears: On Thursday, Todd Palin's sister Diana was arrested for alleged burglary. We'll let you know when she's booked on Montel.


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