Levi Johnston: The feud continues

On CBS' "Early Show," Bristol's ex calls Sarah Palin a liar and says his heart was broken by the split.

Published April 8, 2009 7:49PM (EDT)

If you thought the feud between Levi Johnston and the Palin clan ended on Tyra Banks' couch, then let me congratulate you on your profound capacity for hope. No, no, that feud is just beginning. Next chapter: An interview with Maggie Rodriguez on CBS' "Early Show" in which Levi (and fam) make another attempt "to get my side of the story out there."

And what is Levi's side of the story? His family is not white trash. He loves his son. Is Sarah Palin lying about details of his life with them? You betcha. (Also, according to the spotlight-stealing Mercede, Palin is "snobby.")

Levi is being framed as quite the heartthrob here, a loving father who adores his boy so fiercely he trembles when he holds him, an outcast whose heart was broken by the split and its ugly fallout. Somewhere, tween hearts are fluttering, "CSI" cameos are being brokered, modeling contracts are being inked, etc. etc.

His mother Sherry Johnson, her eye makeup smeared by tears, talks about how her huntin' and fishin' son was transformed by fatherhood. "I never expected the natural father instinct to come out of him," she says. "To hold that little baby with no fear whatsoever, to change that diaper and not be afraid."

"Your little boy was a man," Maggie Rodriguez says. (Yes, she really did say that.)

Before we leave the topic of Levi Johnston, however, I'd like to point out a bizarre factoid, as rare and baffling in this world as a minor celebrity who does not want to go on TV: There is no Wikipedia page for Levi Johnston, as there is no Wikipedia page for any of the children in Palin's family, including Bristol. So I ask you, hive mind: What is up with that? And would somebody get on that, already? I have a feeling there will be several more entries to log. Larry King hasn't even chimed in yet.

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By Sarah Hepola

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