James Carville's Prize Patrol

With Hillary Clinton unable to raise money to pay off her own debt, the "Ragin' Cajun" steps in, offering fabulous prizes to those who donate.

Published April 9, 2009 7:20PM (EDT)

Hillary Clinton still has campaign debt left over from her run at the presidency, and she wants to pay it down. Problem is now that she's secretary of state, she's not actually allowed to do the fundraising work necessary. So she's called in some friends to help out -- friends like James Carville, the former advisor to Bill Clinton who backed her campaign as well.

Clinton's presidential committee just blasted out an e-mail (reprinted below) to supporters and donors under Carville's name that's notable for reading far more like a letter from Publishers Clearing House than the standard political solicitation. In it, Carville offers potential contributors three possible prizes that will be raffled off: A day with former President Clinton, followed by a weekend in New York City, a chance to attend the taping of American Idol's season finale in person and a weekend in Washington, D.C. complete with lunch with Carville and his longtime compatriot Paul Begala.

Strictly speaking, as with all of these sorts of things that came from various campaigns during the election, you don't actually have to donate in order to enter. That would be gambling, and that's illegal and just plain wrong, unless of course you have a fool-proof strategy or a really good tip or you're just really craving that adrenaline rush. But remember -- many will enter, few will win. 

By Alex Koppelman

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