Cramer still angry with Stewart

The "Mad Money" host says the comedian's interview of him was "a complete and utter ambush."

Published April 14, 2009 11:15PM (EDT)

Ever watch -- or participate in -- one of those schoolyard fights where one kid was clearly getting beat, but was so angry that they just kept coming back for more punishment? I'd be willing to bet that, once upon a time, "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer was one of those kids.

Cramer's still upset about the public smackdown he took at the hands of Jon Stewart one month ago. And despite the fact that it wouldn't have gone down that way were it not for Cramer's series of responses to the "Daily Show" anchor, which escalated their feud and led to the interview, he's still going out in the press and picking a fight.

In an interview with the student newspaper at Ohio State University, Cramer said, "described Stewart's interview of him as "a complete and utter ambush." (Hat-tip to Steve Benen.)

"He told my staff that it was going to be fun, convivial, no clips, but [it] doesn't matter, he's a comedian, he can do whatever he wants," Cramer said. "Was it a fair fight? No, it wasn't even a fight. I came on with the idea of taking a high road approach and discussing the issues, obviously [Stewart] came on strictly to try to humiliate me... Was he stand-up? Absolutely not. Did he comport himself as a gentleman? Hardly. It was a deposition; he wants to be a prosecutor."

In Cramer's defense, it does seem like he's right about the ambush part, as before the interview, Stewart said the feud had been overblown and that there wouldn't be any fireworks when the two met. Still, he should probably learn to leave well enough alone.

By Alex Koppelman

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